The Electric Edric Project  - Music has always been a revolutionary process. From classical to big band to the sound of the 50's & 60's, music seems to morph from one generation to the next.  With that in mind, bands don't change, they evolve, always searching for "the sound"  that defines them, then they evolve again. That statement perfectly describes The Electric Edric Project. It is and always will be about the music. Everything else is secondary. We have been around for over twenty years in New Mexico,  playing everything  from night clubs, casinos, wedding receptions, special events, and in front of tens of thousands of people at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. With the advent of the digital age we have defined our sound and can reach out to our audience like never before. So please take a look around our web, sample our music, read about the band, and even email us. We thank you for being there for us as we are there for you.
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after all, this is rock'n'roll)

Edric was critically injured in a motorcycle accident July 14.  Unconscious for over a month, he made it through Neuro ICU, Trauma ICU, a regular hospital stay, the rehabilitation hospital, and finally made it home.  Edric says, "I'll be back!"  Thank you all for your prayers, compassion, and positive energy!

And thank you Joey Neundorf, Vaughn McMillan, and Dave Holloway for filling Edric's shoes in the meantime!

    Fri 18 Ned's - The Edric Experience