Guitar, Vocals

Born & raised in Albuquerque he started his musical journey playing the trumpet in 1st grade. By age 15 he had progressed to a number of instruments including the trombone, guitar, and formed his first band called "Black Leather". That same year he played his first professional paid gig. By 1990 Black Leather gave way to "The Electric Edric Project". He's called Electric Edric for a reason. Through the years Edric has focused his talents on electric and bass guitar. His electric guitar genius has developed into the sound you now hear. As he wails out Santana's "Europa" to Stevie Ray Vaughn's "Mary Had a Little Lamb", you will be taken back. Close your eyes, and you will think you are listening to the original artist. His music will "Electrify your Soul". This is just part of the reason The Electric Edric Project has evolved into the sound you experience today.